High-Performance Team Development


A small group that begins as a team and outperforms all reasonable expectations given its membership; what makes it high-performance is that its members are deeply committed to one another’s personal growth and success.



Step 1: Initial Diagnostic & Session design

We typically conduct interviews with key stakeholders on the team, and design a survey for all team members. The interviews provide an opportunity to allow us to have a deeper understanding of the priority areas that need to be addressed. The reason for conducting a survey is to get team members engaged in this process from the start and to begin to understand the drivers of team performance. When assessing team performance, research studies and our experience shows that empowering team members to contribute to decisions that affect the overall group leads to higher team performance.

At the end of this step, we synthesize all the data collected, and use the results from the initial assessment to design the team building session.


Step 2: Team Building Session Facilitation

We design each team building session to be tailored to the needs and wants of our clients based on high-performance team best practices.

Ideally, we recommend to our clients that the session should take place either off-site or in a non-typical location. This creates an environment that helps participants to be more creative and open to different possibilities.

Although the session is facilitated by Pragmatium’s trained consultants, the session includes interactive exercises for the team members. This provides the participants an opportunity to build their interpersonal relationships. For any high-functioning team, stronger interpersonal relationships are critical since they are correlated to important team elements such as communication, trust, collaboration, etc.


Step 3: Roadmap Development

Based on our observations and session output, we identify the high-impact areas for team development, and develop a comprehensive roadmap for moving forward, with clear steps, time frames, and accountabilities.



Our proven data-driven approach allows us to efficiently assess the current level of effectiveness of the team and design a workshop-based intervention, which specifically addresses the barriers to being a high-performance team. Our intervention is based on a curated set of approaches and tools from widely accepted team performance research .

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