Strategy Clarification & Facilitation


We have a facilitated approach to clarify direction, establish alignment of the top team and commit to an executable plan.



We typically follow our proven five-step process to deliver clarity and alignment on strategy.


Step 1: Understand Strategic Context

Understand industry drivers, history of the company, and strategic context. Our methodology includes reviewing existing relevant documentation, executive interviews, and conducting limited external research.


Step 2: Conduct Diagnostic

Conduct organizational diagnostic through one-on-one interviews with key stakeholders, perform thematic analysis, and synthesize key themes. Our approach includes a proprietary process for qualitative analysis.


Step 3: Design Session

Based on the diagnostic, design a session (from ½ day to 2 days) to achieve desired outcomes. Our methodology is anchored in developing crucial conversations in an interactive environment.


Step 4: Facilitate Session

Facilitate session based on agreed upon design. Facilitation balances session logistics and content expertise. Typically, the session concludes with our “signature exercise” to reinforce personal commitment to session goals.


Step 5: Develop Roadmap

Create roadmap for agreed upon initiatives. This includes milestones and individual accountabilities. Our approach includes check-ins at the 6-month or 12-month point to ensure adherence to timeline.


Our facilitated approach delivers the following:

  • Clarity on future direction
  • Aligned and engaged top team
  • Prioritized strategic initiatives
  • Roadmap to execute the strategy
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